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[NA- Midgardsormr] Grievance Recruiting!

FilsyJayFilsyJay Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 9Member

Currently seeking experienced players to join our Grievance family.  We are a guild group primarily made up of serious gamers who respect real live responsibilities are a priority.  We seek those who will honor commitments but understand that many do not have 24 hours a day to dedicate to playing.  

Every Tuesday at 9PM CST and every Friday at 8PM CST we offer a Casual Raid - first come first served - to help players unlock their end game content from their Relics to the Coils of Bahamut.  It does not matter how many Relics you have already unlocked, we offer this event to ensure players continue to grow within the Free Company.

We are also seeking a Healer to join an already established Raid Group.  They run Friday and Saturday at 8PM EST.

Please register on our site and apply under the FFXIV forums.

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