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[NA Hyperion] Ctarl Ctarl Empire is open for recruitment!

LygrinLygrin Rolling Meadows, ILPosts: 1Member
Greetings friends,

Lygrin Noban here, officer of the Free Company Ctarl-Ctarl Empire.

Focus: End Game Progression
Timezone: CNT (GMT-6)
Raid Days/Time: To be determined (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday @9:00pm)

New Player/Casual Recruitment

Binding Coil of Bahamut Recruitment
MNK - No coil experience required, well geared (AF+1/CT/DL)
WHM or SCH - No coil experience required, well geared (AF+1/CT/DL)

About Us
We're a small rank 8 Free Company comprised of well versed dedicated players who have experienced endgame/raiding in other MMO's (Lineage, FFXI, WOW, TERA.) The FC is currently home to three close-knit groups of friends, spouses, and siblings who have come together with the common goal to experience FFXIV endgame content in a friendly drama free atmosphere. Starting up a 8man Binding Coil group is currently our main focus and we're nearly there! 
Rolling on loots will come second to having fun and trying to clear content with friendly like-minded folks who wish to see how far good teamwork can take us. With that said, I understand that there is life outside MMOs so the raid times will be fairly lax. Weekends will be left free for personal time but if members are online and willing an additional raid day can always be scheduled!

We're always looking for members to join the ranks, new players and vets alike. Feel free to post in this thread or contact me, Reyd Nalaar, Lygrin Noban, or Chego Heejun in game if you're interested.

Other Info
We have a mumble server set up and running for voice chat purposes. 
Come raid time logging in will be required.
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