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Mounts (videos inside)

AzureProwerAzurePrower AustraliaMember Posts: 1,531 Uncommon

Taken straight off from the Dev linked Reddit discussion.

What does every one think of them?

I personally think it's nice they added mechanical and animal mounts straight off the bat from launch.


  • RobokappRobokapp Dublin, OHMember Posts: 5,751 Uncommon
    it is in line with the theme of the game.


  • Camulos4991Camulos4991 KortemarkMember Posts: 10

    Loved the bike, but it would be funny to see a chua riding on a dinosour 

  • FdzzaiglFdzzaigl Somewhere in nowhereMember Posts: 2,430 Uncommon

    Nice detail on those! Impressive and befitting the theme of the game.

    The dominion mounts seemed a bit bugged still, so they must still be working on those.

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  • SiphaedSiphaed Everywhere!Member Posts: 997 Uncommon

    2nd video:  00:50  =  Goat-bird hybrid. 

    Must have!

  • GormogonGormogon Member Posts: 206 Uncommon

    I actually think the animal mounts look pretty bad, with that raptor thing looking particularly awful.  Something about them as mounts doesn't seem to be appropriate for the setting IMO.  I actually think they'd look better with some crazy armor, like the Dino-Riders from the 80s (seriously).  The Chua hoverboard and those chopper thingies look pretty dope, though.


    In before "Well, that's just your opinion!  That doesn't make it fact!" and "I think they're perfect.  They're totally WildStar!  If you think they aren't appropriate to the setting you obviously haven't been paying attention!  If you hate the game so much go play something else and stop trolling."

  • monarc333monarc333 New York, NYMember Posts: 619 Uncommon
    Mounts loom pretty good. I must say the electroball mount was pretty fantastic. 
  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIMember Posts: 8,869 Rare
    best vids of WS I've seen so far. Idk, gave me a warm fuzzy old WoW feeling... Still not gonna play!
  • stevebombsquadstevebombsquad Orlando, FLMember Posts: 878 Uncommon
    Wow. Those mounts are awesome. I can't wait for this to come out.

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  • ArthasmArthasm LoznicaMember Posts: 780 Uncommon
    I like option to be able to customize mounts!
  • tarkaitarkai opwijkMember Posts: 5
    looks nice really in theme whit the game
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