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Casual and Relaxed FC Helix Aurora looking for members (Phoenix)

Marfy85Marfy85 Herne BayPosts: 3Member

As the title states Helix Aurora (Helix) is a casual, relaxed and stress free FC for older gamers.


We are casual in the fact we play mostly of an evening after work and other RL commitments finish so if you find yourself limited to playing of an evening then we could be a good choice for you.


We also consider ourselves although we are a very small group highly social and friendly willing to help out our fellow fc mates as and whenever we can be it with fates or helping a person understand their role and playing it more effectively. We do not consider ourselves experts of the game tbh we are still learning things on a daily basis we have not even finished the main story yet, but thats what we like about our casual and laid back attitude towards the game we are in no rush and love to learn how to beat parts of the game as a group.


We play all the content that is available to us and revisit low level dungeons all the time for leveling, loot but most importantly because it's fun.


We are looking for anyone with the same laid back attitude that we have, but are in need of healers and extra damage dealers most of all, although we will not turn a person down if they are not.


we use skype at the moment for our voice coms but if more people join we will be getting our very own TS3 server.


We would like to keep our ranks small our maximum player count would be around 30 members, so we would have enough for a few raid size groups. 


would just like to say elitist players need not apply as we find the attitude does not sit well with us.


Please if you would like to join our ranks either reply below, add us ingame (I will post names at the end of the post) or visit our website @ and fill in our quick application form we will get back to you asap.



Freya Wolfbane

Jasminum Nudiflorum


Thanks for reading and happy gaming


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