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New torrent download for Mortal Online!!

YoungCaesarYoungCaesar San Diego, CAMember Posts: 317 Uncommon

If you ever tried to install this game and rage quited because of the buggy download that took days for some, you'll be pleased to know SV has finally added a torrent of the game!! Its under their download page


  • NajwalaylahNajwalaylah Member Posts: 85 Uncommon

    Maybe somehow this offers a better way to check for errors in the already downloaded MO game files. Must experiment.

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  • MikePaladinMikePaladin NewYork, NYMember Posts: 556 Uncommon

    CooL love downloading through qtorrent

    Other ways some time stop and you lose all downloaded if you get a small disconnect.   OK ty i decided to give a try to the game.

  • MardukkMardukk Member Posts: 2,019 Uncommon
    I've got the torrent dl'd now where do I extract everything to?  Couldn't find step for step instructions on the torrent setup on their site.
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