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[NA Legacy Hyperion] The Empyrean Divine is Recruiting!

FrantzCiscaFrantzCisca Long Island City, NYPosts: 2Member

TL;WR (Too long, won't read) We are a PvE community focused FC looking for more fun people to play together with. Apply at our website here to become part of us! For our full information, see below!


What is The Empyrean Divine?

[I]The Empyrean Divine (TED) is a multi-gaming community that holds strong presences in the games we play. We are a collective community of gamers that share a common passion for massively multiplayer online roleplaying games. We seek to provide an environment that is balanced, fun, and a safe haven for all it's members. The community retains a zero tolerance policy against discrimination to race, gender, sexual orientation or any type of trait subject to discrimination. In ensuring that the players needs are met, and a solid foundation for guild rules, TED guarantees to bring together like minded players to develop new friendships and forge new bonds.[/I]

Raid Info

We have currently cleared up to Turn 4 on coil and are consistently hitting the final phase, but still have yet to down it. We raid on Monday,  and Tuesdayevenings from 8:30 to 11:30pm EST. We are looking for more people to fill one or two final positions in our main group, and then people to form a second group with as well. We accept anyone who is willing to learn how to raid and how to play their class properly and will help you get geared (if you aren't already) so long as you're willing to put in time to the community.

The Direction/Goal of the FFXIV Chapter

The general direction of the FC is that we're a community first, and then an excellent PvE raiding guild second. We want people to expect nothing but great things from our members on the server. Our ideal is for people to be like, "Alright, we have a TED member in our party!" whenever we PuG or help someone out. We want to be the most respected and well known Free Company on server, the ones that other people boast about and want to get in for the excellent raiding and progression, but stay for the awesome community and feeling of belonging. We strive for everyone to be an important part of the guild, irreplaceable, happy, and a strong player. A reason for why people roll on the server we're on. 

What We're Looking For

We gladly welcome any kind of player, from the avid raider/PvPer, to the avid crafter/gatherer, to even people who just like having a big group to talk to. So long as you're want to be part of a large community of friendly and sociable people, you'll fit in. And more importantly, don't have any worries. We're here to have fun, relax, and kick some tail!

For more information visit our website or contact me in-game! My character is a Scholar named Frantz Pierriquet. Also, if you just want people to run with, but don't want an FC, contact me for an invite to our LS for friends!

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