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Inbuild leadership and coordination in mass world pvp

rounnerrounner CanberraMember Posts: 638 Uncommon

Hi guys,


Has anyone thought about some kind of leadership system beyond guild run teams? For example players earn or are elected as platoon leaders, captains and generals. Groups could form much like common pick up group raids. I'm not so much worried about how the leader is picked, but how do you force players to follow orders? For example:

Platoon leader has a UI tool to place hot spots on the map (eg range stands in the blue circle, melee dps in the green circle)

Players grind compliance points by following orders as best they can

Captains use a UI tool to show hot spots for platoon leaders (eg focus on a weak point in the enemies defences).

Generals use a UI tool to show troop movements and place overall goals and targets.

Basically the higher the rank the more the game plays like an RTS.


Has anyone thought this through before?


  • rodingorodingo Member Posts: 2,725 Uncommon
    Planetside 1 had something very similar to what you are describing.  Including "hand written" text, drawn via mouse though, that could be seen by squad and platoon members on their maps as well designated waypoints to serve as rally points or for designating static targets.  The higher your command rank, the more leadership functions you could do to include orbital strikes. The rest was usually handled at various levels based on how the outfit (guild) chain of command was structured.

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  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAMember Posts: 14,247 Rare

    A lot of MMOs have it in one form or another. The most common is the ability for the leader to ping the radar and throw down various visible markers on mobs. EVE allows the fleet to be divided into groups with different orders and uses in-game voice to allow everyone even in a PUG to be in contact. 


    "Players grind compliance points by following orders as best they can"

    Some of you seem to really love policing others far more than playing with others. :) 


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