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Age of Wushu PvP - It's the best [Videos]

bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,949Member Rare

You just can't get this anywhere else in the genre. Wushu pvp, I'm spoiled. I tried Neverwinter. I tried to jump up on a 3 foot rock in the starter area, I couldn't and logged out. I crack up when I hear someone talk about a dodge button. I log into the Warp Gate in Planetside 2 (PS2 is so good) without thinking, I try to Jump Across the Clouds (air dash) to the terminal. 


It's not just the combat either, it's the systems behind the combat. You see Guild Escort Cart robbing here. Tthe person escorting the cart paid a deposit to escort it. A completed escort gives coin and XP pills to the escorter. It also gives coin to their guild. Guilds use those funds to wage guild wars. 


If I break one of the small carts you see, I get evil points that go towards my alignment. If I loot the chest  from the carts, I get XP and a chance at something very valuable, like a loom, or a workbench These are used to craft highend gear. If I rob a big cart like seen in this video here, I get more xp, and money bags that go to my guild's funds. 


This is just 1 pvp system. Deep systems like this are all over the place. Like I've been saying when something better comes, I will play. Give me this in a sub game, and I'm there. Give me this in a high fantasy setting, I'm there, hell any setting. It just doesn't exist. There is no competition.


Cash shop free player here btw. I never bought anything but monthly sub. 

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