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1 year anniversary e-mails

DashiDMVDashiDMV Not Saying, QCPosts: 362Member

Don't know if all players are getting these or only ones that haven't logged in for a while but here is what it says:


Greetings Players!

It's been one year since we opened the Age of Wushu Blue Dragon server and
given you the ability to explore Ancient China and join a game world featuring
eight different martial arts schools, intricate combat and the freedom to choose
and fulfill your Wuxia destiny!

We invite you back to Age of Wushu to help us celebrate this 1-year anniversary
with a Returning Players gift that features:

<p ecxfeatures"="">10 Rare Jewels and Precious Stones Chests This gives your character 1 MILLION Cultivation Points IMMEDIATELY to add to your Skills, as well as 2.5 Million Chi and 50 School Honor Certification
An Exclusive 30 Day Outfit
A Horse Gift Pack This gives your character a random horse for 30 Days
7 Days of Jianghu VIP service
1 Xiake Token
1 Veteran’s Returning Potion

To earn your gifts, simply log in to Age of Wushu and visit this page and claim
your rewards.

In addition to these gifts, to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Age of Wushu in
North America, we are giving ALL players the opportunity to earn the legendary
Drunken Master skill set.

To earn this infamous skill set, your character must have already reached the
Mentally Balanced power level (2nd Internal Skill 25th Level or 3rd Internal Skill
15th Level).

With your Mentally Balanced character, Jianghu VIP players just need to log in
and play Age of Wushu for three hours for three consecutive days. Non-Jianghu
VIP players will need to log in and play Age of Wushu for three hours for 10 con-
secutive days.

Once you’ve met these requirements, the skill set will be sent to you within five
business days after the event ends and you’ll have the Drunken Master Full skill
set (Skill Level 1-3).

We look forward to seeing you back in Jianghu very soon!


I guess for anyone that is still into the game or inactive alt accounts, might be something to look into.

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