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Mortal Online free to play

BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSPosts: 2,606Member Uncommon

Mortal Online has been seeing some big changes these last few weeks!

Log in or download the client now to check it all out. Remember, it's now free to play!

Be sure to check the bottom of this newsletter for a first peak of a new armor set!

Just got to work updated



  • oldmostaffoldmostaff Marshall, MIPosts: 18Member Common

    Sounds a lot like an advertisement post lol...edit: oh it is an advertisement, its the newsletter that they sent out. My bad...your picture is broken and I didn't realize that. 


    What has changed to make someone want to go back to MO? Things look different? There is still the same support setup as always, still the same coders, ceo, etc etc etc. So what are these big changes everyone is seeing? 


    I heard the new animation looks horrible, especially the slow walk. 


    So to reflect, the community donated a ton of money in order to get a graphical update that wasn't going to impede any updates, or slow down progress of bug fixes and etc. However that is false, first off the update took 10 months? and then ontop of that in a recent post by one of the devs he stated that the horse animation/face bug took him a long time, and that he thought he had it figured out but turns out he didn't. 


    So, again, the donation goal for a small graphical update slowed down the balancing, bug fixing, and content updates. 


    source: ;

    source on donation goal not slowing down anything:


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