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Place Beta Key Offers & Requests Here (Please read before posting)

AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon

In order to keep the forum for discussion, we ask that you put all beta requests and offers in this thread. We do have a few ground rules on the site, and not following them could get your posts removed. Please follow these carefully:


  • - No trading or selling of beta keys. We can't verify it, and it's usually against game ToS anyhow, as well as NDAs. We consider it in our Rules of Conduct under Virtual Trading. 
  • - Please do not spam the thread. Posting your request a bunch of times or on every page is kind of obnoxious, and we'll delete that when we see it. Let's try to keep it as fair as we can to all.


For this game only: WildStar seems to be using a system that ties friend key accounts to the main account and this can lead to all accounts being banned if the behavior of an invited person results in a ban. Please keep this in mind and be careful.

To give feedback on moderation, contact



  • sassoonsssassoonss Monroe Town Patricia Palace, NYPosts: 1,112Member Uncommon

    Appreciate if I could get a beta key



  • catratheone1catratheone1 lafayette, INPosts: 18Member
    I hope someone can trust myself with an key! plz send me one!
  • Thomas2006Thomas2006 Millersburg, INPosts: 1,032Member Uncommon

    If anyone has a spare key, I wouldnt mind helping test the game. Also looking for a friend to play / dungeon with.

  • dakotaaoc08dakotaaoc08 rush springs, OKPosts: 77Member Uncommon

    I would love a spare key if anyone has one laying around, I seem to never get into betas except for through the good will of other kind hearted souls.


    May God be with you and Merry Christmas.

  • jeebuscrpjeebuscrp Kentwood, MIPosts: 1Member

    I would love to get a key. Very excited for this game. Thanks!

  • squall06squall06 new iberia, LAPosts: 13Member Uncommon
    Would love to get a key thx :D
  • thepcsthepcs norman, OKPosts: 3Member
    If anyone has a spare key I would love to get into the beta for Wildstar. Thanks!
  • epoqepoq Richmond, VAPosts: 333Member Uncommon

    Guess I'll put my bid in.  If anyone wants to toss me an invite I solemnly swear to be your pocket heal/support bitch throughout beta.



  • finalburstfinalburst BucharestPosts: 9Member Uncommon

    My appreciation if I could get a beta key.

    Thank you in advance.

  • lonedraaklonedraak Medicine Hat, ABPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    I would love to get into this beta if anyone has a beta key and would like to play together it would be great thank you
  • shantibashantiba Mobile, ALPosts: 30Member Uncommon
    I am really interested in this game, but I did not win the Beta lottery this time around. I would love a key from someone, and would be willing to duo with you (if you would like). It looks like I will be playing this game at launch so I am looking to test it out prior and hopefully squash some bugs!
  • TakeoJusticeTakeoJustice Posts: 57Member Uncommon

    I'd love a beta key!


    Thanks in advanced.

  • wangkomwangkom Leesburg, VAPosts: 119Member
    My appreciation if I could get a beta key please.
  • AyuroxAyurox Berche;Posts: 49Member Uncommon
    Love to get 1 myself and I'm sure I can provide other beta key's of other game ive played and will play in the future or share a game :-)
  • redrain84redrain84 Inglewood, CAPosts: 76Member Uncommon

    I would really love a beta key, been wanting to try this game out forever.


    Thanks in advance

  • WhitesparksWhitesparks 202 smething, SCPosts: 33Member Common

    I would love to be in beta. I have been following this game all year long. I am very impressed on the idea's of the way the classes will play.

    Getting excited to actually be a part.

    I appreciate in advance.

  • xcerebrusxcerebrus DeBary, FLPosts: 38Member Uncommon

    I r want beta key, i play long time and love games.   Seriously though if I get extra keys ill hand them out here first. Until that glorious day my beta invite comes in with 3 keys well.....


    Please give me a key :)  wheeeeeee

  • MeechaMeecha Pine Grove, PAPosts: 30Member

    I would certainly like a beta key for this, but more so I can actually try to beta test, not preview the game. If I can help find a few bugs before launch so things run smoother, I will be happy :)

  • DomotoDomoto Carson City, NVPosts: 82Member

    Much like everyone else in this thread, I am pleading that someone find it in their heart to spare a key.


    I can only offer that I will do what I can to properly test this much like many other betas I have before,

    I cannot deny that I will be biased in mostly testing/bug reporting for the the Medic class and the game itself, however, I will definitely do what I can to give others some attention

    If you read this, thanks for taking the time, and hopefully I am one of the lucky few who will be chosen :D

  • OnoriaOnoria Millstone, Twp, NJPosts: 25Member Uncommon
    I would very much like a beta key please. I promise I will not be an obnoxious person and get you banned! I have been looking forward to this game since they announced it and want to help the devs find and fix bugs before release :)


  • sojurnesojurne Redford, MIPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    Would love to get a Beta key, looking forward to this game and would enjoy help squashing bugs ... please consider me :D
  • NBlitzNBlitz ZwollePosts: 1,904Member

    I'd love a key as well. 

    I've done testing in the past for various Alphas/Betas and I feel I played my part.

    Being diligent and reporting anything I felt could be improved for the end product. From grammar to bugs and more. I enjoy that, regardless of my enjoyment of the product.

  • viletot0viletot0 oregon, ORPosts: 72Member Uncommon

    i wouldnt mind a key , i have beta tested a few other mmo's in the past and have actively searched out bugs and suggested improvements rather than just using it as an opportunity to "try out the game"  i would really like to see this game become successful and an important part of that happening is assuring a smooth launch with few bugs.  I of course will go back to this thread to find who needs keys if i get one from normal beta sign up.  thanks for considering me :) 

  • TredoTredo Springfield, MOPosts: 237Member Uncommon

    If anyone would consider a long time gamer, a known poster here for a very long time. I have never been ban or broken an NDA, I am looking to test this game, provide some feedback, and help anyone that would share a key with me.


    In return if the beta finds room for my email address later, I will return the favor by giving back a key to one that shared with me.


    Thank you for your consideration.



  • AvarixAvarix Chicago, ILPosts: 518Member Uncommon

    Looking for a beta key if anyone has an extra, thanks.


    P.S. Been playing since UO and haven't had a ban of any type. I certainly wouldn't do anything improper knowing my name is tied to another account.

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