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Future of the IP?

stealthbrstealthbr BrasiliaPosts: 1,054Member Uncommon
With Warhammer Online shutting down in just two days, has anyone heard news regarding the future of the Warhammer intellectual property? I, for one, hope that some day another MMO is created centered around this universe. It certainly does not seem like an impossibility, seeing as there have already been two Star Wars MMO's. Links to articles dealing with this matter would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks!


  • -Zeno--Zeno- Posts: 1,298Member Common

    The Warhammer 40k MMO in development.  Not the exact thing but close.


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  • DesalusDesalus Burnsville, MNPosts: 848Member
    I wouldn't get your hopes up. We're not likely to see another MMO in the Warhammer Fantasy world for a really long time due to Warhammer Online's failure. 

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  • sibs4455sibs4455 manchesterPosts: 363Member Uncommon
    op: read the article on the main forums.
  • stealthbrstealthbr BrasiliaPosts: 1,054Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by sibs4455
    op: read the article on the main forums.

    Could you provide me with a link please?

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