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Archeage will not have triple currency

WNxbadboy3WNxbadboy3 scunthoprePosts: 149Member Uncommon

Archeage will not have triple currency  that lastest interview was made when russia archeage HAD archs But then got RID OF IT due to players protesting. proof is there.


closed beta in russia started


So They Did not have archs in archeage russia!.


  • DaemoneyesDaemoneyes HartPosts: 18Member

    Your Info is from before the 10.10.

    The Interview was made after that Date.

    At 9:06 pm of November 5, Philippine time (GMT+8), I received an email from my editor asking me if I wanted to send in some questions to XL Games to clarify and have them explain some points regarding their monetization system for ArcheAge. Approximately 24 hours later, I replied with the 5 questions used in the interview.

    Now this still does not mean that anything is sure (neither that we get 3+ currencys nor that we dont) but its a strong indicator that not a single fuck was given by them.

  • KarteliKarteli Providence, PAPosts: 2,646Member


    Interesting, your 2nd link:

    Other news that the publisher did include in the announcement was the implementation of a new payment model. Players will be happy to know that after the successful petition to nix's initial plans and the subsequent player voting, ArcheAge in Russia will be launched with the very same economic model that is used on the Korean servers.


    Hopefully that squishes Trions dreams of P2W via arcs in a game with strong PVP influence...

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  • WNxbadboy3WNxbadboy3 scunthoprePosts: 149Member Uncommon
    hopefully. people squishes this arch crap. because they can see by the 2nd link there isn't an arch system any more.
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