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question to Jeff from marvel heroes

smash-knightsmash-knight El PalomarPosts: 2Member

hi Jeff

before my question. I wanted to say that i was played Marver heros from the first day the game launches and I continued playing it

I saw Loki and I do not stop to think if  this would be the only villain in order to be playable. Is it possible to find more villains like Juggernaut or  venom in the future?

now my main question would be. I saw that there are now more characters starters. I buy some of those characters who are now starters.

Is there any chance for users who played marvel heroes from the first day possible to receive some compensation for having paid any character that are now starters either alternate costume or some other character?


I appreciate all the work of all programmers in this game. It is really addictive.

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