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kal0elkal0el Toronto, ONPosts: 2Member
Any news or projections?


  • FreidreichFreidreich Halifax, NSPosts: 5Member

    My guess would be within a month after Ghost Rider, seeing how he has a forum page: (for those that are interested).

    Though, from the quick loo, it'll be Sam, not Rich.  Don't know enough to comment, so know that before you decide.  I'm going to assume that an Enhanced costume will eventually come for the other character of him not used.

  • Helloween81Helloween81 AthensPosts: 15Member Uncommon

    No. Nightcralwer and Moon Knight are next in line. I think there are legal issues with Nova and we ll have to wait

  • FreidreichFreidreich Halifax, NSPosts: 5Member
    Ah okay, probably missed it, thanks.  Yeah I was just going by character pages haha.  Hopefully things get settled for him soon, seems like people want him, but want the older character.  I see that being a very interesting headbutt with wanting to promote new guys/comics while players want the old, and poor Gaz in the middle.
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