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Possible Heroes, Villains and Playable Villains, and Easter Egg Heroe

peruchulo_01peruchulo_01 Davis, CAPosts: 5Member



As Playable Heroe

Beast, Iceman or Silver Surfur(since they look very similar), WarMachine( hey guys, we have hulk and thing why not WarMachine and Ironman)


Playable Villains:

OmegaRed, Magneto, Archangel, Venom


Magneto, Archangel, Venom, since they are kind of badguys with some kind of noble/good intention, it should be amission/quest where u get the chance to help someone related to them that only a "marvel heroe " can help, like a seperated mission where u fight  different bosses to rescue someone close to them.


LIke for venom: Fight in chapter divided in 4  diferent bosses with symbiot alterations and  with /waypoints , and as last boss is a symbiot  in an epic battle where she/he changes heroe forms and powers.  At the end you rescue close one and return to venom, and he  becomes playable.  


New Enemy Bosses:


 OmegaRed, RedSkull, Galactus, Thanos, 


Hidden Easter Egg hidden heroe(s):

Like any awesome game, there should be a hidden heroe, that nobody knows and  only clues are walls of certain stages related to that heroe or in cutscenes that misguide the player to think of something or somebody else.  

If MK, Tekken, Dead or Alive, SOTN, ...etc. They had theirs, is time for ''Marvel Heroes " to have his.

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