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thanks to DOOM SAW and questions ?

RayquestmarvelRayquestmarvel karachiPosts: 15Member Uncommon


doom saw  :)

buddy how are u ?

gr8 and thanks for constantly keeping the game fresh :)

first of all thank you so much for this awesome game

yup its awesome for me because i can play all my  dream marvel heroes


doom SAW buddy my questions are as follows :

Scarlet witch  :

she as become weaker her especially her  AOE  (50-51 LVL)

please make her as strong as b4 :) 

secondly i would request a chaos  shield for all allies with probability buff it would be gr8


my second hero is storm  she is also suffering the same  her attacks are not as damaging as b4

booth of these hero are one shot


my third hero is  LOKI hurray :)

DOOM SAW u  a fantastic job buddy

but a little minute issue here instead  of have a illusion as his power why  cant  it be replaced by a other marvel hero image

like morphing into  captain A OR THOR

secondly please can u make  loki thrall from meele to range attack for all enemies

next i would request please allow cold snap to freeze damaged enemies instantly and those into low health into fragments

plus life leech should also be increased


please do make these changes as its would make this awesome game more awesome







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