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my questions

My questions :

(sorry for bad english)

Hello I use a translator to my questions because I do not speak English but I do my best ...

1) Many Marvel heroes are not yet present in the game outside of ads you it Ghost Rider or Nick Fury counted but you added some popular heroes like iceman? Warmachine? ect ...

2) Chapters 10.9.11 and 12 currently planned will you translate it in French?

3) The Chronicles of Doom you will also translated into French?

4) Allow you added off the story mode challenges for those who complete it numerous times? Because I think after a while you around in circles.

5) The loot system will be the hero you reviewed? Because I find it quite difficult to get in the game can not get that new after long hours of farming ... The problem is the majority choice of departure spread over only 9 characters <span atn"="">(
before 6) then it would be better to choose a personal.
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