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@Gazilion - @Doomsaw: Regarding Rocket Raccon.

ZetsubouFallenZetsubouFallen Buenos AiresPosts: 3Member

Hi! how are ya?


My question goes about our favourite Raccon.


Right now he is on a weak spot, let me explain:


The 3 skills trees, doesn't offer that much of gameplay,:


The summon tree designated to put turrets that does low damage or prevent CC are somewhat useless on high lvl mobs where you can get 1 shoted (like cows)


The "damage" tree lacks damage on the basic attack or sustained damage on BFG, where it saws "does X per tick" but the damage is way lower than it's says.


The utility tree has lots of 1 point skills that doesn't worth that much like CC cleanse or a basic melee attack when RR doesn't lvl up the melee abilitys.


Finally it's current ultimate it's just a turret that does the ultimate of spiderman (well old ultimate, now its a signature), but after taking 1 hit it usually breaks, for instance on Doom who spams the energy balls on the floor, other bosses does too.


There are far better ranged characters, like Cable who has lots of similar powers of RR, but he doesn't have that much of penalty (Free "Flash/Displacement skill"  and movable reflect shield)


What are the plans for him? can he get a new ultimate or a signature movement? a buff on the basic attack (energy pistol) and being able to max the energy and fight tree of him by just lvling up?

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