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(Q) and (A) for Jeff Donais " Doomsaw"

kohichankohichan camdenton, MOPosts: 3Member


Introduction: Mr.Doomsaw , I would Like to ask a couple of Questions I am sure a lot of people are wondering, I will ask a few but simple questions maybe you can help us all with :)


Question-1 "Trading" I am sure everyone would like to know if Trading Window or AH might be applied into the game for the bind on equipped gear only for a " more efficient trade" for trading artifacts / cosmics /etc  " instead of dropping items on the floor for exchange a player will open a trade window for both players to press accept"


Question-2: "Crafting" Will there Be more Use for Pure "Element" Or  profession of some type? 

Example - If I wanted to use pure element or other type of crafting material  to give bonuses to armor or weapons . or maybe simply make an random item from crafting or maybe even making new crafting  elements that are harder to get like legendary shards to make legendary weapons " when a legendary shard dropped " you can craft a legendary item " with random stats for a toon /charter you enjoy playing .?

Question-3: "Pvp" Will there be more of a balance of other types of chars  compare to others example: maybe have a PvP set " rock paper Scissors " melee beats ranged. ranged beats mage, mage beats melee " or have an advantage so a player of 5 in a team can sort out their teams. 


Question-4:  "New Items Like Sets" As question above. maybe a PvP Set item for more balancing maybe from crafting it or earning it. or even both! . their is a PvP ring and it was such an ingenious idea but how about more items for both PvP and PvE to work for ?


Question-5: "Charters reworks" I know we all know that gazillion employees are working really hard on signature moves. But will any planned character have to be completely redone?


Thank you Doomsaw for reading over my questions and I hope you answer my questions I'm sure a lot of people are wondering about the same questions.



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