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Q & A for Jeff 'Doomsaw'

scarletspideyyyscarletspideyyy Port Orange, FLPosts: 2Member

Well it all started when I started seeing commercials on my TV and computer. I don't get enough time during the day to play because I'm a stay home dad. I love marvel comic, because I grew up with it. I know almost all the history of marvel characters not all of them but, most of them like the main shiners of the series. Wolverine, cyclops, storm, and jean grey. 

So, when I do get to play this amazing game when my son is in bed I like the visual effects and like how you put the story ark just right on key. Also I noticed in the cutscene you have Spiderman in there. I like that, because he didn't come into the avengers until later by Ironman's decision. Also, you have the original casts' characters voices from the cartoons of today. Everything about the game is looking very good. 

1) Is there any chance silver surfer may make it into the marvel roster of the game and if so what will his ultimate be?

2) When will gambit be coming out for the patch to download by any chance?

3) I saw you have Ghost rider and Nova in the forum roster. Will we be seeing them this year or next year for patches in the game?

3) I'm a huge Spidey fan I keep on seeing people with the black symbiotic suit again? I would really like to get that suit again.

4) Will there be more story continuations added on ? If so, I would like to see more of Asgard and history arcs of the heroes like a side mission just incase if we have gotten all the story complete and legendaries. Also the srculls would be a nice story in their too.

5) For the characters stats will we be getting another stat on the characters equipment screen? Also is there going to be a level increase after you reach 60?

6) Will there be pets that can fight along your side,  like Luke cage(Powerman) can have iron fist to fight with him and heal him too.

You are doing a very good job at creating this masterpiece and I want to say thank you and your developers and Happy early Thanksgiving and keep on moving forward.

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