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Please do not create question threads. Jeff will create a thread at 7.

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYPosts: 6,162Administrator Rare

Michael "MikeB" Bitton
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  • KeybladeMasterKeybladeMaster Los Angeles, CAPosts: 6Member
    where is the thread? i have been looking for 15 minutes and i can't find it! :'(
  • RaitzenoRaitzeno Overland Park, KSPosts: 3Member
    I would assume he means 7 eastern, which is half an hour out yet.
  • KeybladeMasterKeybladeMaster Los Angeles, CAPosts: 6Member
    wow i feel dumb now. i need to learn how 3 does not = 4. LOL boy oh boy am i tired
  • bigchuckbigchuck chillicothe, OHPosts: 2Member
    Sorry. Am posting from my phone. Is it confirmed that it's at 7 est?
  • CynicalSaintCynicalSaint Atlanta, GAPosts: 5Member
    Well, that's what has been advertised so that's what we're expecting.. yes.  It'll be confirmed in 15 minutes.  ;)
  • RayquestmarvelRayquestmarvel karachiPosts: 15Member Uncommon

    hi guys it started or no ?

    waiting and searching for it ?

  • CynicalSaintCynicalSaint Atlanta, GAPosts: 5Member




  • KerryeeKerryee Prudenville, MIPosts: 8Member
    Less than 10 minutes.
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