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Tera PVP

Dren_UtogiDren_Utogi OuterSpacePosts: 1,771Member Uncommon

I got to say, it has been a really long time since I felt the thrill of pvp , some games give glimpses of pvp but never deliver a true pvp experience in open world. Tera online is finally giving that thrill. The open world pvp is random and not all the time, which is what I look for, The pvp system is like Lineage 2, were if the player attacks another, they will go red and be open for all to attack, This simple mechanic helps curve grief and trolling. Though sometime a player will kill lowbies but with a quick message in chat, other players can come and get the grief-er.

The mechanics are a love or hate relationship I think. This game is truly a step forward from target locking skill systems. Being able to dodge attacks and block the actively is a lot of fun and takes a little more coordination that the average mmorpg's random dice roll generated by a script.

The Sieging / battleground .. awesome ! It is truly a miniature shadowbane world I can access and siege. The siege weapons are fun and it really get competitive with "pro" groups smashing your face (lol)

Tera is amazing, it is high fantasy pvp ( if you roll on pvp server) that just takes things to the next level.

The Glyph system is amazing s well as the crystal systems. But that is another thread :).


reviews are !@#$ing stupid. Play what you love.


  • eHugeHug HamburgPosts: 225Member Uncommon

    Funny, I left Tera because the developers obviously dislike to provide players with any means for PVP. They nerfed all open world activities including daily quests to crap, thus hardly anybody ever leaves town anymore after hitting 60. The two battlegrounds get boring fast due to being repetive, but their main problem is the broken instance finder that decides the winner for most matches before the round actually starts. And the faction mass pvp makes my  OC'ed watercooled 4930K/290X stutter, so likely exists to prove that badly optimized code can break even the most expensive hardware.

    So yes, I agree on the combat system being nice and allowing for fun pvp. But I think Tera is a title that makes it hard to actually find satisfying pvp when you get bored of the two pvp instances it got. I switched to a title that had real fps combat without lockon skills and one shooting people but with open world pvp and full looting instead. And I can't say I miss Tera except for the excellent graphics.

  • FlowroroFlowroro Hamilton, ONPosts: 2Member
    I absolutely love the PvP in this game, it is the main reason why I have stuck to this game for so long. I never felt so engaged in combat
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