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Unfinished Areas Leaked Pictures; Baldera/Velika Wilds

waverlilywaverlily Columbus, OHPosts: 1Member

Hi all, looks like Tera will be raising the lvl cap in the future. Two new areas are on our world maps as "undiscoverable" and there's no easy access to them. My friends and I did some exploring and it seems that they're in the making of these maps. Baldera is looking very put together and even has "camp" or "settlement" locations where quests will be received and a main city that's been partially built with spots for merchants/banks/broker/ etc already placed. I'm gunna submit two pictures from our adventures to show you guys, if you like them let me know and I'll go out and take more. Our assumption is that lvl cap will be raised to 70. Baldera being 60-65 (the one closest to being done) and Velika Wilds being 65-70. Both of these maps are VERY large. Im not sure if that's due to the lack of monsters and lvl progression through it but it seems very empty. Also there's no sound in these locations yet and in the city on high detail it turns black and white when you get close to it. Very interesting in my opinion. Velika Wilds is just a very vast plane of grass and mountains with two very nice looking beaches that you could probably reach from Cutthroat harbor or Mistmoore Island. I wont release how we got into these areas and I didn't want to post these pics on the Tera Forums for fear of losing my account or something (you never know). So I thought I'd post it here where some people will see. Hope you enjoy the pictures ^.^ 


tldr; pictures of the undiscoverable location Baldera and we also think lvl cap will raise to 70 in 2014. 


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