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.::Aspiring Brotherhood::. [PACT] International PvX multigaming clan.

ZanderificZanderific Frenchburg, KYPosts: 18Member

Aspiring Brotherhood <PACT> Is a International PvX Multigaming adult community built on the principals of Brotherhood, unity, and equality with a strong and proven structure that enables our community to strive for years to come.
We are all about building strong bonds of friendship and establishing a drama free, clique free, and family-like community with quality gamers that have the willingness to learn and a drive to be the best they can, we don't require you to be the best only that you are willing to give it your best.

Being a PvX community we will strive to make an impact within our server in various game focus's (PvP, RvR, and PvE) and although we do have a high skill level and great coordination we are not an elitist stricked community, we impact our server by setting an example on how members a guild should interact with each other. We have had huge turn outs on events and continue to provide fun new events that will promise to keep the game fresh and fun.

Currently PACT is hosting GW2, FFXIV a realm reborn, BF4 (server coming soon), Minecraft, as well as various steam games. We are looking forward to adding ESO and Wildstar Online to our community and new games will be considered in the future. We grant members access to our premium active website @, Facebook group, steam group, and twitter to stay up to date with news, updates, and events within the specific games as well as the community as a whole. We use TS3 (Teamspeak) and although it is not a requirment to be a member some events will require the use of TS3 and it is a solid source to get to know the members and familarize yourself with the community.

We will offer many events open to specific games and the community and when inivating new events we do create a balance between casual events and hardcore events so no matter what kind of gamer you are (crafter in MMOs, or seriously competitive sniper, and even someone who enjoys to push content upon release) PACT has a spot for you.

Community Events: Drinking Games, TS3 Karaoke, Club PACT, Ladies night, Movie night, RL greet and meets. and forum contest.

We do require that all members be 18+ to join our adult community, Be able to abide by the following policy:

1)No Discrimination- PACT is a international community; issues about Race, religion, culture, sex, and sexuality will not be tolorated.

2)No religion in TS/Guild chat/ Forums

3)No Politics in  TS/Guild chat/ Forums (Topics discussed about religion and politics can lead to drama and fights- division among members, so we ask to keep it to yourself)

4)No Abusive behavior: Saying anything with the intention to belittle, embarrass, hurt, or upset fellow members.

5)No sexual-Harassment: PACT is a Uni-sex community with a large female member base; Asking/demanding for pics/cams or anything that can make others feel uncomfortable specifically if the other party is not into it will not be tolerated.

6)Alcohol use in TS: Its fine to drink and even get drunk while in TS, we are an adult community however if your behavior disrupts the guild activity or becomes socially unacceptable you will receive a warning, after if your behavior cant improve you will be kicked/banned from TS for 4 hours to allow you time to sober up.

Send me a message or register @ to get more information.


  • ZanderificZanderific Frenchburg, KYPosts: 18Member
  • ZanderificZanderific Frenchburg, KYPosts: 18Member
  • urbanmechurbanmech Toronto, ONPosts: 183Member Uncommon

    please stop.

    I know you don't mean any harm, but every forum here is filled with these multi-game guild advertisements, and its starting to drive me nuts. 

    They need to clean these up.

  • MiserySignalMiserySignal Trois-Rivieres, QCPosts: 40Member Uncommon
    Since there are no Guild Recruitment forum yet, you'll have to bear these *GASP* impossibly ''annoying'' posts.
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