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F2P until it closes.

EunuchmakerEunuchmaker Harlingen, TXPosts: 204Member Uncommon

Haven't seen this posted on the forums, or if it was, I missed it:



Dunno if any of you would be dusting off your old accounts and play until the world ends.  Apparently quite a few old time players are making a comeback if the forums can be believed.


  • APRIMEAPRIME Harlingen, TXPosts: 72Member Uncommon
    Hmmmm . . . might be time to break out my old squig herder.  It would be good to see him again . . . it's been about 2 years.
  • TibernicuspaTibernicuspa Amherest, MAPosts: 1,199Member Uncommon
    Does anyone have an old account they don't want to use? My beta account doesn't seem to be getting me into the game.
  • AreWeLiveAreWeLive Brockville, ONPosts: 159Member Uncommon

     I just saw this today, downloading it now for a last run, WAR was one of my fav games, it is too bad they did not put work into correcting/fixing it, this game really could have been one of the best ever.

     i always went back to it now and then for a month or two here and there. I will miss it even with all its issues.

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