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Might of moogle -MOM- on moogle server looking for members

Gunnm1Gunnm1 VeltemPosts: 1Member

Might of moogle is a mature gaming community and a clone from OTLWS with over 15 years of online-gaming experience.

We are looking for members, Newb low level or Vet with high level, all welcome!

°About endgame and primal runs
As a FC we have decided to create a schedule for our members to have the opportunity to experience endgame without the harsh tones of the DF and the patience and understanding that not every run equals a win.
The main goals of said events is the gaining of experience running the content and learning to play together as a group.
The events will be open to everybody and held four days a week.

°About The Binding Coils of Bahamut
We are allso working hard to get our first group of Coil members ready to go in.

TS available and mandatory for Primal and endgame-runs

Need a cuddle after hard days work, MOM has a place for you :P

send /tell ingame for an invite or more info
send tells for invite to Blue Davaham or Silly sausage


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