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General: Heroes of the Storm Artwork Unveiled

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 21,186MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Fans of Blizzard's upcoming "Heroes of the Storm"  will want to check out the official Facebook page for a piece of key artwork revealed ahead of this weekend's Blizzcon 2013. The poster art features some well-known faces, and a few inexplicably missing ones. See what you think!



  • IceAgeIceAge SomeWhere In ..Posts: 1,122Member Uncommon

    Where did I read that it will have Warcraft-only chars?

    Glad that there will be heroes from all of their games, including heroes from all 3 factions from Starcraft ! 

    Kinda excited for this one :)


    Reporter: What's behind Blizzard success, and how do you make your gamers happy?
    Blizzard Boss: Making gamers happy is not my concern, making money.. yes!

  • RazeeksterRazeekster GlobPosts: 2,512Member Uncommon
    So is this a MOBA?


  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon
  • RazeeksterRazeekster GlobPosts: 2,512Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Nadia
    Originally posted by Razeekster
    So is this a MOBA?


    Excitement gone then.


  • SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News Manager The CitadelPosts: 21,186MMORPG.COM Staff Epic
    No Kerrigan makes me sad....though I know she'll appear in game. But...dang, Sylvanas looks great as do Nova and Illidan. :)))

  • azmundaiazmundai St Louis, MOPosts: 1,419Member Uncommon

    milking it ...


    hopefully titan will have original content ... i guess this makes sense and all, but ... meh

    LFD tools are great for cramming people into content, but quality > quantity.
    I am, usually on the sandbox .. more "hardcore" side of things, but I also do just want to have fun. So lighten up already :)

  • RazeeksterRazeekster GlobPosts: 2,512Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by azmundai
    milking it ...   hopefully titan will have original content ... i guess this makes sense and all, but ... meh

    That's exactly what I think now when I see companies do MOBAs. MOBAs do well so it's a no brainer. A boring, obvious... No brainer.


  • AsamofAsamof La Canada, CAPosts: 780Member Uncommon
    Reminder: Blizzard Devs literally removed last hit mechanic because it's 'too hard' and 'anti-fun'
  • DamonVileDamonVile Vancouver, BCPosts: 4,818Member
    Originally posted by SBFord
    . But...dang, Sylvanas looks great

    You can hardly even see her face so.... I lol'd...but agree :P

  • expressoexpresso mePosts: 2,214Member Uncommon
    It's a DOTA game so I HATE it..... but it's Blizzard so I LOVE it. image
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