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what kind of laptop should i get

javon1334javon1334 copperas cove, TXPosts: 59Member
Quick question I'm thinking about playing ffxiv on a laptop, but I don't know kind of laptop i should get. Do you think if i buy a cheap one under 300at WalMart would be good.


  • SavageHorizonSavageHorizon ParisPosts: 3,083Member Rare

    In before the "why you getting a laptop to play mmo" obviously you have your own reasons. I take it you are going to be doing more than just gaming on the laptop.

    What is your budget?

  • javon1334javon1334 copperas cove, TXPosts: 59Member
    I'm using it for ffxiv I don't really want to go over 400.
  • SavageHorizonSavageHorizon ParisPosts: 3,083Member Rare

    I'm going to be blunt and say "why" you might as well get a PS4 if it's just to play ff arr, it will run and look a lot better than a $400 laptop.

    Perhaps Quizz can find something for you but here in Europe you won't get much for €400 let alone $400.

  • SirAoSSirAoS Chicago, ILPosts: 203Member
    Don't waste your money. If you can get the game to run on a 400$ laptop, it will be far from pleasing to the eyes and it will probably run very bad on low settings. Like the above poster stated, You would be much happier spending your 400 on a ps4. you would need 1k+ on a laptop to make it worth while and why waste so much money when the ps4 will be running ffxiv at a very high frame rate with top end graphics. Heck, even the ps3 displays good graphics and it runs the game extremely smooth. Don't waste your money. Either invest the higher dollars into a gaming PC or buy a ps4. Good Luck to you friend
  • Tgiordano92Tgiordano92 Knoxville, TNPosts: 165Member Uncommon

    Laptops are definitley a possible option to play ffxiv but not for that price. if you want to spend some more money ever check :


    I have one from there that can max any MMO and game easily.

  • JustsomenoobJustsomenoob lexington, KYPosts: 865Member Uncommon

    You're probably looking at more like $700ish to get a laptop with ok specs for gaming. 


    Even then, it won't be something you can buy at best buy or walmart.   Would have to pick and choose the parts and have newegg put it together for you or something.

  • RabidMouthRabidMouth Charlotte, NCPosts: 196Member

    $400 isnt gonna get you much. As people stated above you are better off getting a PS4. You really would need a dedicated video card and you arent gonna find one with a 400 dollar budget.

    This is the best thing I could find on NewEgg after a quick search. Pretty sure ffxiv would still look like a slide show on it though.

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