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Marvel Heroes observations

SamFalconSamFalcon Norfolk, WVPosts: 2Member

Honestly, the community sucks, the game is broken, and Doomsaw is an unproffesional jackass.

  • The community: Well, any newbie posting about a question or post some insights will be ridiculed by immature Deadpool wannabee that posts sarcastic useless comments. 

An example was someone was asking where the patch notes were. All the comments that user got was "you didnt have your patch notes get delivered to you?"

When someone says something critical on why they don't like the game. The "white-knights" of that community will tear that thread apart and troll it, most will say "if you don't like the game, then leave."

  • The game is broken: Gaz mostly bypasses the Test Center and pushed it on live saying it is "99.99" tested... then it blows up in their faces coz there are game breaking bugs. Right now, a lot of players get disconnected everytime they go to an instance and Gaz's response is they don't know whats causing it.

Speaking of which, a few months ago... players had to download the same patch multiple times coz it went live with a game-breaking bug (players cant log in and they didnt know what caused it) so players had wasted 15GB on bandwidth for their incompetence.

  • Doomsaw is an unproffesional jackass: During one of the play with the Devs weekend. A kid playing Spiderman said his Spiderman keeps dieing (which is true due to the games broken mechanics, getting one-shotted and insane damage on normal mobs) and Doomsaw's reply was "your just bad at this game" .

And right now, he is mostly lurking in the forums and takes it personally when someone says criticizes / says negative things about the game (and no cursing or such, no breaking of the TOS) but Doomsaw will edit the post to mock the user or delete the post... and he bans a lot of users at the forums just for criticizing the game or just at pointing out on how crappy they are censoring the forums (they are becoming worse than Blizzard)

Personally, if Doomsaw just stops lurking at the forums and actually does his job (which is to develop) then there wont be so many bugs out there.

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