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XL games new archeage future interview

WNxbadboy3WNxbadboy3 scunthoprePosts: 149Member Uncommon

someone will have to translate it tho if they want to read it in full


But it said


They admit their past mistakes and promise to change most things like sieges, trading, payment model etc for the better.

They want to revise f2p system, listen more to player feedback and take it more seriously, improve some game features and better prepare future content updates; no specific information yet  (if i got it right)


  • CarcinomaCarcinoma Saint-PetersburgPosts: 19Member
    Ok google translate leaves me confused again...
  • WNxbadboy3WNxbadboy3 scunthoprePosts: 149Member Uncommon
    It's because that interview is 99% marketing      talk  only one with marketing kownalge can understand it.
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