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Decent game until too many people in the same area of the map... then LAG city!!!

WorfWorf Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 264Member

I have a very modern PC with 6 GB Ram, etc. Very adequate Cable Internet service.

Running minimal processes with Graphics on LOWEST settings. Not running virus scans or things that would take a lot of CPU cycles.

This game plays great most of the time... then in Midtown Manhattan (MM) with a lot of people trying to kill bosses and the asundry other mobs in the same area the game lags horribly. The lag issues are when there are a lot of objects on the screen such as MM described here.

NO other games that I play that are recent have this issue.

Very very disappointed in the lag in those conditions... most of the time your character is dead because it freaking WON'T let you move out of the way in time. Especially when Rhino runs though you... insta... freaking deaths!!!

This game has a lot of promise and is fun most of the time until it lags like no tomorrow!

If I were to rate the game it would be 4 to 5 out of 5 but due to the excessive and unpredictable lag issues, it would rate a 1/2 out of 5.

I am NOT the only one seeing this kind of issue. Lots of others in game chat are complaining about the same issue!

Game deleted over the extremely laggy conditions.

I like the game but it is not fun to get hit ONE time over and over by mobs near your level and you are dead due to extreme lag.

I wish Gazillion well... but they MUST fix these laggy issues soon!

Game literally unplayable at times!




  • RabidMouthRabidMouth Charlotte, NCPosts: 196Member
    Just curious, what are your PC specs?

    You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.

  • LivnthedreamLivnthedream Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 555Member
    Originally posted by CowboyHat
    Just curious, what are your PC specs?

    ^ This. Sounds like a proc issue. "Modern" is a pretty meaningless term.

  • RayquestmarvelRayquestmarvel karachiPosts: 15Member Uncommon


    i also experienced same Lagging issue but mostly in the X-DEFENCE (AS its beta version) rest of the game play is f9

    my laptop specs are

    i7 core

    windows 8 nividia and intel 4000 graphics

    so its cool

    enjoyed the game :)

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