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In a strange place - The price I have to pay.

bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,952Member Rare

Funny thing I just got done emailing a friend I made in Wushu "I'm boarded has F*%$k" I hit a terrible lull about 2 months ago. I'm just now feeling it's terribleness. I'm character builder. I had all the skills I wanted and needed. I had/have a nice chuck of cash too, so two months ago I  decided to rebuild. 


In Wushu skill progression is time based similar to EVE. For those who play EVE imagine being at the pentacle of what ever class ship you've been running, then deciding it's time to go in the complete opposite direction. In a since this is what I've done in Wushu. 


In Wushu there are skills (abilities) and there are internal skills (think platform from which to use your skills). I started leveling a new internal 2 months ago. By the looks of things, it will be another 2 months before the damn thing is complete. At that point I can begin regearing (you just don't go to the AH and find what you need in Wushu. I've been waring the same shin guards for 6 months...), and reskilling. At that point things will be live again. Until then it's the same old same, which is absolutely terrible being the type of gamer I am. 


 I've been spending most my online time literally in a cave (My internal strength cultivates faster here) training my skill.  While others are going about doing their merry little thing, I'm living in a cave...


In Wushu you build for the future. These are your long term goals. When the future arrives, You'll be ahead of the curve. The problem is, for the first time, I don't have any short term goals. In here is the terrible lull. 


Strange beast this AoW. I put myself in this spot. I'll be better for it when I'm done, but until then uhg image for me. The game has not changed for others. This is the road I decide to walk, a terribly long road. Wuxia for real. 


How can I hate it though? This is the price I have to pay for unique power. When I'm done, for the first time in all my years of mmo'ing, there wont be any other character remotely like mine. When someone says "OMG THAT'S AMAZING I WANT TO BE LIKE THAT" They will have to walk that long road too, if they can. But yeah, right now I'm pretty damn bored image


  • DamonVileDamonVile Vancouver, BCPosts: 4,818Member
    So at some point you'll be over 9000 ?
  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,952Member Rare
    Lmfao! I think I'll be able to get to about 8500, that's just about right for me. It'll feel 500 better when I meet and beat mr. 9000 ;)
  • LobotomistLobotomist ZagrebPosts: 5,497Member Rare
    its well worth it :)

  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,952Member Rare

    Hmmm, small reward while on my journey. I'm still not ready to use my new internal skill, but I have risen on the internal skill rankings. My strength has grown. I still have a ways to go, but it good to see I made the right choice almost 3 months ago.


    There are less than 20 people who can match or surpass my inner strength. Those 17 people decided to take a journey themselves 3 months ago. Their road is not like mine, but they are on journey.

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 24,002Member Epic

    I can relate to this, very similar to a point in my EVE career when I decided to take all 3 of my characters down a certain road and had to spend months grinding my way though the training and missions to get them all where they needed to be.

    Was pretty isolated at that time, but like you said, is worth it once you get to the destination that not everyone else is able to go.

    Good luck and hang in there, soon it will all be worth it.

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