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Xcom enemy within - New Campaign or ?

I played Xcom Enemy Unknown last year and made it through the campaign, but only one time. I am just wondering if I should wait with a re-run of the campaign again.

I have the Slingshoot DLC, but never played it.


But does the Xcom Enemy Within include a new campaign or is the same just with extra content, mission etc. (Xcom Enemy Unknown/Xcom Enemy Within campaign combined).

I cant find any official info and some info seems to confirm the same thing.

I have the following packs for Xcom enemy unknown on steam
Xcom Enemy Unknown: Pre purchase
Xcom Enemy Unknown: Elite soldier pack
Xcom Enemy Unknown: Slingshoot
Xcom Enemy Within


But should I wait?, If its just the same campaign with more stuff then it only a few weeks more to wait. But if its a hole new campaign, then I should start on the Xcom Enemy Unknown campaign right away.


  • catlanacatlana Houston, TXPosts: 1,677Member
    The biggest difference is the new enemy faction (with Xcom trooper abilities) and additional enemy alien types. I only played through once on "classic" and found the game to be a lot of fun.  
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