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Age of Wushu Imprisonment System - This is why in this FFA world you never hear anyone complain abou

bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,956Member Rare

I just came across this page. It's a really good write up on how things work. One thing I differ with on finishing or not. If you need to kill and get away, let them bleed out. It gives you time to escape.


Do you like PVP? Do you enjoy PKing innocent players just because? In Age of Wushu, if you ever decided to force initiate a PK and killed a player, prepare to pay the consequences!


Slaughter Value (???)
You can check your slaughter value (SLV) through character interface 'Hotkey C'.

The name of your character will turn orange as soon as you get your first blood! (SLV > 0) Following by red name (SLV > 2,000) & purple name (SLV > 9,000?).

SLV will reduce overtime, even when you are offline. Amount reduced is based on the colour of your name. However, once your character's name turn purple, your SLV will not reduce automatically anymore.

If you wish to reduce your SLV when your name is purple, you will have to pay money to the beggars. (Players' life skill)

Alternatively, get thrown into a prison and your SLV will start reducing as well.  

NOTE: Your SLV will only reduce to 500 if you are not offline in a prison.

Imprisoning (Red Name)
If you were killed by a player when your name is red, you will be transferred to a prison right after you revive. Now, you CAN either go offline and wait for your SLV to turn 0 or... play around!

NOTE: Yes you can go offline.

There are a few methods for you to get out of prison quicker:

Bribe the Guard!

You can bribe the guard with a certain amount of money if you are rich enough. The higher your SLV, the more money you will have to pay as a bribe. The guard will release you instantly if you bribed him, not to mention your SLV will turn 0 right away!

Gamble with the Guard!

Frustrated because you don't have enough money to bribe the guards? Worry not! The bored prison guard asks you to join him in gambling! You can spend a little money and play with the guard. Winning once will reduce your SLV by 500, he will release you once your SLV reached 0.

Do note that, the guard will take all your money no matter you win or lose! 

Lastly, the guard is no small fry! If you are not careful, you might lose more than expected! So you might as well just pay the bribe.

Miracle Encounter!
Notice that there are some NPC prisoners in the same prison room? Get their attention and they might help free you from the prison just because they are hidden pros!

You can also try to walk or jump around and there's a very rare occasion that you might fall into a hidden hole, and viola! Secret escape passage!

Imprisoning (Bounty ???)
Tried to kill a same person repeatedly? Got onto someone's nerve? Be wary! He / She could set a bounty on you! You're more or less doomed if you have a bounty on you.

How to check if a player has a bounty on him / her? They could be easily identified because they have a small orange icon. They will also receive a buff status.

NOTE: A player cannot set a bounty on a player without SLV. (White name) So if you wish to be on 'Justice' side, be extremely careful not to kill another player illegally!

A criminal with bounty caught by police will have heavier consequences compared to red names. You must STAY ONLINE for 5 whole hours before being released. You cannot gamble or bribe your way out too. There's a small chance for Miracle Encounter as well.

NOTE: There are very limited activities that you can do in a prison. One of the more useful activity would be Party Training.

Killing Spree! Monster Kill! Godlike!! You're on a killfest, your SLV is over 10,000 and BAM, all the sudden a party of police gang up on you, killing you and throw you into a prison. What's next...? Death sentence!

"Oh no, is my character gone forever?" Worry not, you will not lose character! System will first announce your beheading time. (Everyone can witness your glorious character at beheading site) Once time's up...

Soon after, your character will be 'reborn', carrying a weakening state debuff (Reduce 50% abilities for 24 hours).

"... BUT WAIT! I'm rich!" Money is great, money makes the world go around! You can pay a HUGE amount of money to get a scapegoat, he will be beheaded instead of you!

Prison Break
Do you have 5 other PK enthusiast friends? Do your friends mind getting extremely high slaughter value? Are your friends strong? Most importantly, do they have the guts!? If they meet all the requirements above, and you are waiting to be beheaded... Time for prison break!

First of all, you have to send out request to minimum of 5 friends asking them to help you escape from prison. (You can only do this when there's still <1 hour before you got beheaded)

Go into the prison and find 5 switches before time limit, defeat prison guard leader and break the prison door! The moment you break the prison door, an system announcement will be sent to all police players of the server, notifying them that there's a jail break going on. Police players may or may not rush to the prison and attempt to stop you from escaping.

You're freed once reaching the designated escape point. (Both you and your friends will receive criminal status) If you got recaptured half way, all participating police will receive great rewards instead.

Prison breaks can only be issued again after 3 hours in case you failed to escape.

Police (??)

Wanted to fight for justice? Wanted to kill more baddies 'legally'? Apply to be a police officer at the government office for 5 silvers (NPC with red icon)! Everyone can be police as long as your slaughter value is at 0.

Side note: You can also set a bounty on someone through the NPC with blue icon. The player must be online & have at least orange name though.

Similar to criminals, police can be easily identified as they have a small blue icon circling their character. They also have a buff icon on them.

Police can earn money through capturing criminals with bounty on them.  Doing so will also increase their 'Deed Points'.

Do note that, if you killed a player illegally (eg. Killing an unexposed spy), your police status will be revoked.

Credits: <a data-cke-saved-href=""; href=""; text"="" rel="nofollow">v2seraph


  • apocolusterapocoluster newport news, VAPosts: 1,326Member Uncommon
       Hope for the best for AoW but I'm still gonna have to pass. The systems seem great but te chop sokky back story just makes me ill.  

    No matter how cynical you become, its never enough to keep up - Lily Tomlin

  • koboldfodderkoboldfodder Danbury, DEPosts: 418Member Uncommon

    Or, use the system to your advantage.  PK whoever you like, and when your bounty gets high make a deal with someone.  Let them kill you, you go to prison and you and your killer split the money the innocent person put on you.  Just log on your toon, ALT tab out and do something else or go to sleep. 



  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,956Member Rare
    Originally posted by apocoluster
       Hope for the best for AoW but I'm still gonna have to pass. The systems seem great but te chop sokky back story just makes me ill.  

    :) The story, is that of Legend of Condor Heroes. The west has lord of the rings, the east has Condor Heroes. Here is a link to on of the series. There have been several made, but the all follow the this


    Playing without knowing about this is kinda like playing LOTOR without knowing about the book. It still works, but the original brings it all together with chilling effect.

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