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The Bastion, Prophecy of 5, Jung Ma, Which Is The Most Balanced/Populated PVP Server?

Macrinus101Macrinus101 Toronto, ONPosts: 44Member

I am not even sure if I am going to Subscribe to this MMO since you need to sub for access to most of the content. I really enjoy the story content though and even if I decide not to sub then it won't feel like a wasted experience because of the story content.

Still, I am going make a characters on a world pvp server since there is a chance I might subscribe and it costs 20$ to transfer characters anyway.

So what is the most populated pvp server that has the most balanced faction populations?  Currently, I am on Jung Ma and it feels very dead. I'm thinking the Bastion is the most populated pvp server that may have a ratio of 0.8-1.1 in terms of faction balance between Republic and Empire. What about The Prophecy of Five though?

Can someone please provide some insight? For those of you on these servers?

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