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Vengeance at Trialith

Andoran_1Andoran_1 Napavine, WAPosts: 5Member
Hello again everyone
I've just uploaded my newest Everquest Next original music project. I was getting up to speed on the new lore for Everquest Next when I happened upon the ebook "The Last Stand of the Tier'Dal". If you haven't read it already I highly recommend it, you can download it at It's a great story, but the events at the beginning of the story spoke to me especially, and stirred my muse, and I began to compose music written around those events to convey the emotions they stirred in me.

I had also had many requests from those who had seen my earlier Everquest music projects to include live performance video, so I did some research and purchased software that would allow me to create multiple picture in picture videos of my performing the different instrumental parts in the orchestral score.

I hope you enjoy it, please remember to like, leave a comment, and share =)

YouTube Link:
Vengeance at Trialith

You can download the mp3 free of charge at:

My next project will feature original lyrics and vocal based on events that transpire in the ebook "The Fall of Bastion"
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