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Character Built vs Built

JWillCHSJWillCHS Summerville, SCPosts: 75Member Uncommon

Many MMORPGs deal with the idea of balancing classes, but ZeniMax Online Studios believes that they might not have a huge problem with this due to their skill system.

Nick Konkle, the lead gameplay designer discussed with the ShoddyCast one of their most recent PvP beta test weekends in Cyrodiil. He said the way that things are going, a player could make a build that might be extremely powerful or effective. Yet, there's another built that could possibly counteract that.

Another example he used was the skill line for becoming a vampire. It might offer effective abilities to use in PvP. Yet, you might have a number new builts pop up to reduce the population of vampires using a Vampire/Undead Hunter skill line.


What's your take on this?




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