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Virtual Reality MMORPG -Player Driven - now on kickstarter

rpgfanatic5rpgfanatic5 Atlanta, GAMember Posts: 2

Hello Friends,

For almost 1 year, we've been pouring our life into an exciting new project called Realms of Goldesia. A new MMO RPG which is being designed to be compatible with the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset. Check out Realms of Goldesia (, An MMORPG that allows for total immersion through its skill-based class system, player-driven world & support for Oculus Rift.

Skills are increased through use, rather than by gaining experience. Players live their choices. Players create their own stories, ones that would shape the events on realms. ROG merely provides an epic setting filled with catalysts for adventure. No grinding, no questing, no predetermined destinies - a realistic & dynamic world shaped by players. Support us today, back the project and get your own goods, or share a link on your social sites for your friends to take peek.

It'd mean the world to us if you can share our project with your community and backers by a simple comment or update. We appreciate any and all support.

Hope to see you soon
Aartiee Lallwani & Brianna Przybysz
President & CEO
Aarianna Publishing, Inc.

ps: Here's the link again:



  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member Posts: 16,828 Epic

    May I suggest that if support for stereoscopic 3D is your top headline feature, then you're doing something wrong?

    While I haven't implemented stereoscopic 3D (yet), it strikes me as the sort of thing that shouldn't be very hard if you're using a modern graphics API that supports it (meaning, DirectX 11.1 or OpenGL 4.2 or later).  Now, if the stereoscopic 3D portion of the APIs is absolutely awful, that could make it hard.  But that would surprise me.

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