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PLAYER looking for PS4 Aldmeri dom. guild PVP

jj122jj122 tomball, TXPosts: 2Member
ello there,
My name is JJ. Im looking for a PS4 guild only. I'm looking for an aldmeri dominion guild but will take a cross faction guild if they hit the nail on the head for every other requirement I want . But first I will give a little about myself. I have a LONG history in mmos, well games in general but definitely in mmos . Have played games such as ever quest and almost all of that series, star craft, Eve, guild wars 1 and 2, world of Warcraft, and other titles as well but spent most of my time on these . At first in all these I started as hardcore raiding then always finding myself head right over to pvp . I get the most enjoyment out of other players tears. I fuel myself with them . I am 22 years old. I am mature and love a good laugh looking to establish close bonds . Lots of play time available.

The kind of guild I'm looking for:
- semi / serious guild very active is a must
- doesn't have to be the best guild on PS4 but one that strives to excellence and earning a great reputation for itself .
- have a good leader who knows what he or she is doing and has a good group of officers or knows to look and establish one .
Guild crafting and professions will be important in EOS. So having a great core of crafters and farmers will set the guild apart from other guilds.
- ... PVP, I'm looking for peeps to own others peeps with . Takes strategy seriously, and looks and works to build great teamwork . Would like a few from our guild crowned emperor.

Looking forward for any like minded guilds . It is early for single players to be looking but it is good to be ready and established. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


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