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Looking for a Community that puts Community First

AndiusMeuridiarAndiusMeuridiar Anchorage, AKPosts: 91Member Uncommon

Who are you?


I am the leader of a large organization in Pathfinder Online and am seeking another gaming community we can tie ourselves to. So let's talk a bit about who we are and what we represent. The Empyrean Order is a group that:

 • Does not inconvenience others to achieve it’s own ends.

• Does not accept rude or intolerant behavior from it’s members.

• Actively aims to help others inside and outside of our own membership.

• Values the contributions of many members with many play styles.

In Pathfinder Online we are planning to build a good aligned community who's primary goal is to protect and promote the welfare of "the common folk" or those who  have not sold their soul to one of the massive imperialist regimes vying for power at the expense of those around them. Our bold resistance to the accepted norm of  Open World  PvP titles and the practice s of Random Player Killing (Killing players without a solid reason to do so) and Not Blue Shoot It (Killing all non-allied groups) has drawn a lot of flak from some elements of the community. However we are completely unwilling to back down on these positions as if we don't stand for the weak, who will?


What's so great about your group?


• We came in first in the Kickstarter Landrush Poll.

• We own a 5000$ tavern and own several unclaimed accounts with first month beta access and a ton of great kickstarter perks.

• We are the only large and active good aligned group in the Pathfinder Online community.


What are you looking for?


Our group is in a crisis of leadership. All of our high ranking members are extremely busy in their personal lives. I feel it's essential we maintain activity by playing other games together, but I don't have time to lead an active gaming group at the moment, and am having difficulty finding others willing to do so. So here is what we could really use:

• A large multi-game organization willing to sponsor us as their Pathfinder Online division.

• An active group from another game willing to form a multi-game organization with us.

• Players with leadership experience interested in helping us run things.

If my members will accept it, and they are willing to back up the ideals under which this group was established I would be willing to accept another leader over me once I've known them long enough to trust them. In-fact I think I would serve this group much better as head of our elite PvP division if someone else was leading us.

Please send a PM if interested.

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