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WoI is already hack to win

swizards01swizards01 chicago, ILPosts: 67Member Uncommon
Players are already hacking  War of Immortals Vip Platinum Noble.  If you login now  ViP is spamming  lucky reward in the system chat. It's already 1 year Perfect world entertainment did not fix any bug of this game.The game Economy very too high now because hackers can make more coins just in a min.


  • glideleafglideleaf Los Angeles, CAPosts: 5Member

    I play real''s...LIVE TO WIN. :P Just kidding...sorry about that...

    But anyways...maybe those hackers aren't being reported...though I think it wouldn't do much but that's all one can do as a player...unless you join them...but don't do that. >.<

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