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Age of Wushu Machinima Series EP3 - The Healer Class

CnameCname KinabaluPosts: 210Member Uncommon

Sample from video

This series is a project to introduce and showcase the 6 new player factions added to the 8 original schools in AoW China since August 2013.

The 3rd episode is on the”healer class”, the faction known as Shen Golden Needles.

Lip movements was added (for the first time in this series) in post-production but otherwise the machinima is shot in game featuring the weather effects, new scenery as well as other additions such as ability to create campfires and player-made masks.

So far 3 episodes have been released, each featuring a new class. Each episode can be viewed as a self contained story - but there is also an intersecting storyline before EP2 and EP3 as they both featured the same male protagonist.

Links to EP3 uploaded to youtube with English subtitles added by me: (1st part:  2 min 29 sec) (2nd part:  2 min 50 sec)

I have only translated EP3 but included the 2nd part of original EP2 here for viewing. For those lost in the story or translation, the fragment of story in EP2 occurred after the events of “Patient” in EP3 but before the “Pariah”event.

Link to EP2 (no English subtitles but lots of fighting image): ( 2min 48 sec)

A sample screen from the EP2 video

Additional notes:

Snailgames promoted the series in their China site and gave some sponsorship but otherwise it is produced independently by a fan group. The director of this series, known by his pseudonym “Lord Not Swordman”  is a avid Wuxia enthusiast and has been producing AoW machinimas since 2012.  All video credits go to him (pictured below)         


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  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,949Member Rare
    So talented. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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