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manio22manio22 IrakleionPosts: 35Member Uncommon

Okey here is a thread for everyone to express their wishlist for Rift. Be it improvements on current world/graphics/mechanics/lore, be it new features or whatever you like. You CAN borrow ideas from another MMOs , is nothing to be ashamed really, companies already do it so why not you too? But be aware to fit in Rift's world , gameplay and theme.

This is a list for the fans of Rift, those that managed to find 2-3 things in the game that liked and wish for the game to improve. So be constructive , thoughtful and good willing. Trolls : nothing to do here your food is at the next post, so shoo.

So what i like to see implemented :

a) New types of Rifts .

  Currently all types of Rifts , normal, major, PvP , crafting and hunting are all end in a massive aoe -fest . Aoe is good, aoe is fun but it would be nice for a change once in a while. What about a puzzle Rift that haves players trying to figure something out to solve by coordinate clicking stuff that spawn? Or a Rift that has only 1-2 mobs each phase but requires more tactics and mechanics to beat?


b) Meaningful ability source.

 You never noticed that you actually have another bar under your health bar did you? Be it mana or energy or focus it really doesn't do much apart sitting there and looking pretty. Few souls manage to empty and starve from their source in a long run (and only if everything goes terribly wrong ) so you don't have to actually worry of what order you mash your buttons (granted there IS an order for you to do maximum dps/healing but, got my point) . So a bit of meaning there please? what about some abilities that do more stuff (dps/heal/absorb?) the more source you have when activate it, but consuming  a lot (20%?) of it in the progress?


c) More interactivity in dimensions!

 You probably already be amazed ,while visiting various dimensions , from how far players can go and create wonders with the little they have in their hands. Imagination is the key and the limit and from what i have seen so far it isn't about to empty soon. But what if we had something to actually interact within a dimension . Staring is all good but clicking something, somewhere will make even better (and no, i don't need yet ANOTHER round of drinks Mr. Bartender thanks...*burp*). So what about some dimensional activities? Like a ping-pong table or a darts game ? Really it can't be that hard, i have seen solo one-time quests that surely required more programming to be in game.


So this is my wishlist, for now. What about you guys, what you wish to see introduced / improved in game?


I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it


  • greene75greene75 portland, ORPosts: 39Member

    Barber as a crafting skill, costume as a crafting skill . . . . OPEN WORLD PVP :)  we have enough pvp players to figure out a way to make open world pvp exciting, fun, and necessary.   The soul system in Rift is still the best imo for pvp.  The cookie cutter builds dont typically hold up as well in pvp since pvp is more situational.   Concentrate on more souls and variation for pve and pvp :)  



  • ezystreetezystreet ConstantaPosts: 21Member Common

    Making it so when u press the modifiers keys in game (keybinds etc.) your characther won't stop moving.

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