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How are the PVP servers?

ReklawReklaw Am.Posts: 6,495Member Uncommon

I am just wondering. Currently playing on a RP server. But feel that it might be a totally different experiance on a PVP server.

Seeing that outposts, towns, city's and the guards of those can be attacked, atleast on the RP server but none seem to be doing that. Which makes me wonder if this is possible and been done ingame on PVP server. There for complete territory control? Full NPC whipe from the map due to players killing them? Is this possible.

Or are guards on PVP server being matched to the level of the player?

Just curious what the pvp players of rift think of the pvp servers and what can and can't be done.

Also wondering if a f2p player would stand any change or is it best to just sub. to the game to be competetive in pvp?


  • ringdanyringdany New York, NYPosts: 122Member

    im not an expert on Rift but i have heard Rift isn't really a game focussed on pvp.

    if you are after a better open pvp type fantasy RvR mmo, try DAOC, Regnum, Shadowbane, Aika or Aion. They are very focussed on pvp, more than PvE.

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