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The Order of Chaos is recruiting new and returning players!

SolicfireSolicfire BathPosts: 365Member Uncommon

Hi all,

If you are a new and returning player and you are looking for a guild to join over in Hibernia. Then please contact Solicfear, Boundy, Raven/Belinus, Karenspriest, Jiggllypuffs or Lightsbane and they will get you into the guild.


Questions answered by the Guild Master of The Order of Chaos (Solicfear)


What does The Order of Chaos do for their guild?

Well we're a rvr/pve guild and do many events like ML 10, Prince, Mini's and big 3 dragons, Picts and glass quest, xp groups, Summoners hall, 8man rvring, public rvr zerg, Alliance rvr zerg and Battlegrounds (Thidranki, Molvik and Cathal valley).


Is there help provided for our guildies?

Yes, we provide guides for new and returning players, give good advice for specs and templates, give out gear to players that need a piece that they can't afford it, crafting pieces for guildies etc etc..


What sort of community do u have in the guild?

We have a very friendly, fun and helpful environment in our guild and we try and make everyone feel welcome and be part of the family. We do a lot together as a guild and we try and make sure we do many activities as possible to keep the guild spirit alive.


What does your guild plan for in the future?

Well we're continuing with our public RvR zergs at EU and US primetime and also want to continue with the Sunday events on Hibernia. What we have planned in the future is to get underway with the Halloween quest which comes out soon plus we want to do more events in the battlegrounds for those players who just want to run in Thidranki, Molvik and Cathal valley. We also want to do more 8man set groups in lab and nf which we will plan when Caledonia ends.


How active is the Guild?

The Guild has 150-200 active members and 1100 toons. Our busiest times are EU and US primetime but always active around the clock we also in the biggest alliance called 'Regulators' which has around 400-600 active members 6000 toons.


I hope we covered most things and hope to see many players come back and try our guild out. If any questions I've missed for the guild, please let me know and I'll add them on this post.


Join us on The Order of Chaos facebook page


Many thanks for reading



  • SolicfireSolicfire BathPosts: 365Member Uncommon


    What classes are you looking for?

    We are pretty much taking on anyone at the moment but it would be brilliant if we had more Bards, Druids, Blademasters, Champs and Wardens.


    What Master level specs are you lacking?

    We are lacking in stormlords big time, We desperately need more stormlords for our public rvr bgs at EU and US primetime zergs. We always need convokers for traps and power drains and we also need more banelords for interrupts.


    More questions will follow if you request them!

    Solicfear (Guild Master)

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