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Looking for a viking game (difficult one for you)

OK this might be one of the more odd requests here on this forum but I'll give it a shot anyway.

I'm actually looking for a game based on a wallpaper picture I once had (on my crashed hdd) and I'll give you the only info I have and hopefully there is a magical star among you that can help me. The goal is for me to contact the maker of the game (it's business time).

I actually found the picture on a game site very similar to this one (if actually not here) years ago when someone requested viking themed games and got several replies, and one of them being the game I seek ( linked to the game and its wallpapers).


The info...

I believe:

It's a viking themed game (strongly I believe)

It was an online game, mmorpg

The game was cancelled...or so it was written in that post


Picture info:

It is probably made in photoshop but it has been made to have the acrylic / oil paint feeling to it like the following picture:

The picture contained mainly a viking home similar to this picture:

In front of the house where two wooden / stone boulders with the shape of Odin's face like this picture:

There was the game's name written on the picture as well (I believe) and the names that comes to mind are "Yggdrasil", "Midgard", "Asgard", "Ragnarok", "Rune", "runes", "Runescape" you can tell, something connected to vikings at least. Also I think the word "online" was written...not sure though.

Soooo, now you have something think about...let's see who cracks this puzzle the first hehe :)


Thank you for your time!!!



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