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DoV Community Event for EQNext! Steam Prizes!

VoxDisciplesVoxDisciples Norrath, TXPosts: 24Member
Disciples of Vox is holding a community contest.

All submissions due by November 10th 2013. A winner will be chosen by November 15th 2013 One different winner per category, if you win one you can not win the other. You can enter more than one submission with your email. Please e-mail all submissions to

Include in your email the following: Name, submission type, steam name for winnings, brief description on why you chose what you did. Attach submissions to email, .rtf .wrd .txt .jpg .jpeg .gif .png accepted.

2 Winners 7 Steam Games + 4 DLC's per winner Open to everyone

We have decided to create a community event. We hope this event will bring the community closer together and create more traffic to sites that help promote EQNext. We also hope this will keep people interested in EQNext as we wait for the launch of what we all know is going to be an awesome game. We know we could do this internally and just use guild resources but we want to be a community oriented pre-launch and post-launch guild so this is our first official guild sponsored event!

We want the community to come together and create us a one of a kind, customized guild logo. The logo should be related to the guild. Something to do with a blue dragon, maybe worshiping a blue dragon. Maybe Lady Vox as a war banner. Maybe just a cool logo with the guild name in it. I do want the guild name to be able to be seen and read in the logo. I would like it based around white, dark and light blues and maybe dark yellow/orange. Be creative.

We would also like some of you talented writers out there to write us a short back-story about the creation of the guild and our purpose. The content is up too you as long as Banin is mentioned as the guild/cult/whatever leader. Lady Vox is mentioned and lore appropriate. Takes place in Norrath with an emphasis on permafrost. Please use correct grammar and spelling. Adult themes are alright, just don't make it a porno.

All entries will be reviewed by DoV officers first then guild members. The top 3 of each set will be chosen then voted on again to decide the winner. The winner will get the following steam games delivered to the steam account of their choice. So, have fun and good luck!

Winner of the art contest will get:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Borderlands GOTY Edition, Theif: Deadly Shadows, Killing Floor, Fallout 3, Fallout Collection: Fallout 1, 2 and tactics

Winner of the writing contest will get:

Half life 2, Half life episodes 2 & 3, Gary's Mod, Audio Surf, Fallout New Vegas - With 4 DLC's, Wolfenstein collection: Return to castle Wolfenstein, Spear of destiny, Wolfenstein 3D


This is a community event for fun and is not hosted or officially supported by SOE. We will use each submission for our site but the main purpose of this event is to keep the community excited and give us something fun to do while we wait.

To writers. I understand the lore is not nailed down yet for EQNext. If you want to stick strictly to lore it is fine to use other EQ Lore to write. As I said, this is for fun and I want you to have fun with it and win some games in the process!

Thank you.


Disciples of Vox is recruiting! Be sure to check us out!


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