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How does Rift's pvp compare with Champions of Regnum?

ringdanyringdany New York, NYPosts: 122Member

I'm considering giving Rift a shot. I also play a bit of Champions of Regnum, which is a somewhat dedicated pvp mmo.

I'm sort of only interested in pvp and I heard Rift has battlegrounds and pvp instances.

What do you guys think of Rift's pvp?


  • greene75greene75 portland, ORPosts: 39Member

    Hey, not sure about the Champions . . . never played that one . . . . Imo , Rifts pvp is very addictive and highly dependent on the soul system.  Huge changes can happen in pvp depending on gear, the spec a player is running, the team, and how they use LOS in warfronts in conjunction with strategy.  Rifts pvp can be frustrating as well, since the pvp community in Rift is not at all strong.  There are many dedicated to it, and they frequently make alts to try out different specs and tweak their game.  But as a community there is no real sense of it yet for pvp, like there is for raiding.  

    Macros are limited, and best used sparingly the way they have it set up.  The PVP is much more situation oriented, so player who think they can get great gear, make a god macro and kill away will find they can only do that if they have a pocket healer or a flat out superior team.  Is lots of fun if you have decent folks playing at same time, then with merc system everyone typically ends up on each other's teams eventually.  



    the SOUL SYSTEM makes numerous specs viable for pvp for one class, and even then you can tweak how you spend your points for different skills/stats.  Is best ive seen yet.

    the balance too is really good for this type of game.  Every class can be a hero, with clerics typically the most powerful, but we need folks to roll healers so why not :)

    warfront mechanics . . . the warfront games are good, with enough obstacles to hide behind in each one if you need to, and enough strategy to keep a team rethinking why they might be losing

    low entry barrier . . . any new or f2play person can get in warfronts at level 10 and level up to max in warfronts only, getting gear from favor they earn in game , as well as pve gear, AH gear, crafted gear from nice guild, ect.  you dont have to live on rift to pvp 


    open world pvp is pretty much dead

    pvp community isnt that present and sometimes frustrated players rant in warfront chat, we've all done it if we been playing long enough :) hehe

    conquest at level 60 is really long and boring, and seemed to be a quick fix for a 3 faction element in Rift . . . is a huge mess but they still making lots of changes to it, like recently randomizing the que better 


    It's best free2 play game on the market, but being new you may want to either find a solid guild that can help you out to be competetive, or level up a pve character to support a pure pvp one.  Is up to you, and Rift makes it easy by having you level really fast, and keeping the grind at end game


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