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how do i exit a quest?

zastenzasten nowherePosts: 283Member

I am currently stuck in a quest (The whispers from the void -> follow the green lights) that is so badly designed that there is no way to complete it and no visible way to exit it!

Is there some way to exit or do I delete my lvl 26 char and rage quit because i'm not interested in playing all the actual playable quests to lvl 26 again!

EDIT: Sorry, never mind, I found the return to map button!


  • GrammieGrammie Lynn, MAPosts: 68Member
    I have found many such glitches.  I have done tickets but get no indication that they care to do anything about them.  The small map ball (far upper right, side of regular map), if lit, will let you teleport free to another area you have recently been to. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work.  Neverwinter has insufficient quests for a solo player to to do and many of the quests simply can't be done solo without multiple deaths.  Perhaps they want you to buy a new character.  Much of the game means buying services to deal with their glitches.
  • crack_foxcrack_fox WellingtonPosts: 399Member Uncommon
    IIRC "Whispers from the Void" is a Foundry quest, and one of the better ones. It's been a while since I played NW, but I don't recall having any problems completing the quest and exiting. Either a recent update has introduced a bug or else it's a case of user error. 
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